‘Wild Life’ Exhibition in Vernon, BC

Gallery Vertigo in Vernon BC has a textile art exhibition on display until the end of the month.  The theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘Wild Life’.


The images in my work never include any wild life, landscapes or portraits so it was a stretch for me to design a piece for this exhibition.  What I decide on was a play on words. I asked myself what a ‘wild life’ would look like and decided it would exude chaos.  I am interested in formulas so I used the mathematical formula for chaos and equalled it to WL (wild life).  The stitching on the surface was randomly sewn in different colours with little planning for placement.  Likewise the paint dots were random colours with no particular order to the application.  The plastic was loosely attached with the topstitching.  I love to add some degree of three-dimensionality to each piece of work, in this case it was an acrylic painted shadow under the WL.  The final size is 14.5″ x 14.5″ (37cm x 37cm) and the tile was Chaos.


Last year at Gallery Vertigo their exhibition theme was Photo2Fibre.  My piece MO = 24 was composed from a photo I took of an origami modular I built.  I was excited to see my piece placed on their advertising poster for the exhibition.


Back to the studio . . . come visit again.